Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

How We Clean Your Curtains


Hot Water Extraction


HWE is similar to steam cleaning, but it is slightly different and more effective. A machine is used to apply a mixture of hot water and a detergent on the curtain. This  loosens the accumulated dust and dirt from the items, and simultaneously vacuums the the fabric, extracting 95% of moisture along with all the detached unsanitary agents.


  Dry Curtain Cleaning


Dry powder or a professional detergent is applied to the curtain, and carefully worked in with rotating brushes. This loosens the dust and deodorises the piece. At the end, it is thoroughly vacuum-cleaned to removes all substances and dirt



  • studio flat
    £ 59
  • One bedroom
    £ 69
  • Two-bedroom
    £ 89
  • Three bedrooms
    £ 109
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  • (longe pair of curtins (each pair
    £ 39
  • (short pair of curtins (each pair
    £ 20
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